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This introductory programme runs at various times throughout the year (typically for 8 weeks) and provides a highly-structured Taster for complete Beginners.

You will be introduced to the origins, principles, and practice of a traditional family style of Tai Chi under the guidance of an experienced professional instructor. This will include making a start on the relevant Tai Chi Form: a sequence of movements which have to be memorised and practised daily to develop balance, co-ordination and power.

Teaching methods include talks, demonstrations, group practice, individual corrections, and some occasional partner work.

Please be aware that pre-enrolment is necessary; you will not be able to sign up on the day.

Date of the next Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan:

Saturday, 4th September, 09:00 – 10:00 in Earley.

For a detailed Information Pack, contact us.

If you have already received your pack, you can book now.


Alternatively, if you would like us to alert you automatically when the next programme after that has been scheduled, contact us without delay.