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Berkshire Tai Chi was set up 25 years ago, in 1996, by Philip Larsson and his then training partner, Trevor Priest. Since then we have run weekly Tai Chi classes at various venues around the Royal County and taught hundreds of students. We are one of the oldest Tai Chi schools in Berkshire, and enjoy direct training links to the founding Chen family.

Philip Larsson Profile

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Philip, a student of Karel & Eva Koskuba since 1989, has trained regularly with visiting Chen family masters, starting in 1999 with Grandmaster Chen Xioawang, and also – from 2001 – with his son, Master Chen Yingjun. In 2005 Philip made his first visit to Chenjiagou, to train in the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan.

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Since 2013 we have officially co-hosted Master Yingjun on his visits to the UK, and all our instructors train under him to ensure our guidance stays true to Chen family teachings. Details of Master Yingjun’s Berkshire seminars appear regularly on this website.

World Chen Yingjun Taijiquan Gongfu Association

Assistant lnstructors: Leigh Blyth, Chris Nicolaou, Debbie Postlethwaite.